Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Mighty Conqueror

Triumphant and victorious he appears,
And honour in his looks and habits wears;
How strong he treads, how stately doth he go!
Pompous and solemn is his pace,
And full of majesty, as is his face;
Who is this mighty hero—who?

Tis I who to my promise faithful stand,
I, who the powers of death, hell, and the grave,
Have foil’d with this all-conquering hand,
I, who most ready am, and mighty too, to save.
By Mr. Norris in Matthew Henry’s Commentary, Volume II, Isaiah 63:1–6, page 863.

On the day of vengeance, Christ battled Satan completely alone. The disciples had deserted him; even God the Father had. Standing alone and covered with blood, Jesus is “mighty to save.”

Thank you, Lord Jesus, for being my mighty conqueror and Savior. It only happened because Jesus was willing to leave the glory of heaven to come to earth as a tiny helpless baby.