Friday, December 21, 2007

Waiting on the Lord

Memories flooded back in an instant. The receptionist told me the doctor wanted to see me because my mammogram concerned the radiologist. I had been so happy passing my ten-year anniversary since having breast cancer. Now I remembered many events from those days. After the operation I had desperately hoped to avoid chemotherapy, but I could not get out of it. I remembered how emotionally spent I felt after the radiation. The combination of radiation and chemotherapy was too much for me to handle.

Four days after the doctor ordered the MRI, I had the test at the hospital. Then followed the wait. Over three weeks later, I finally heard the good news. I am fine. Waiting is so difficult. To be God-honouring, a person must be patient and trust in the Lord’s perfect timing and will.

While I was waiting, I thought of Simeon, Anna, and the other saints who waited patiently for the arrival of their Saviour, the promised Seed. Simeon and Anna were in the temple when Mary and Joseph arrived with the baby Jesus. Simeon praised God for keeping his promise. He said, “For my eyes have seen your salvation” (Luke 2:30, NIV). Likewise, Anna thanked God for Jesus, her Redeemer.