Monday, June 25, 2012

King Jesus

The writers of the New Testament understood that the new Covenant era and the priority of the Lord Jesus complement each other. The Old Testament Scriptures promised both the coming of the Davidic king and the new covenant. When Jesus died, rose again, and was exalted to heaven, he fulfilled both of those Old Testament prophecies. He became the promised Davidic King and the perfect sacrifice of the new covenant. For that reason, Jesus is the master of every Christian individually and also master of the church. We should be his willing and obedient slaves.

 During this new covenant era, the Holy Spirit is busy acting as the agent of Jesus to lead sinners to trust in Jesus for salvation. This includes an acknowledgement of Jesus as our Lord and King. After we are saved, the Holy Spirit continually encourages us to follow Jesus in obedience. He does this by teaching us to pay attention to Jesus’ words and actions. When we see how Jesus displays God’s character, we must take that as Jesus’ command to be like him. Moreover, in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gives explicit commands for believers.

 The church should match Christ’s love for her by showing a corresponding love for his direction over her.