Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Promises of God

Spring. This word gladdens the heart. It means the end of long dark nights and short dull days. I feel like bouncing for joy when I walk down the street to pick up my mail. How appropriate it is to jump forward one hour in time! Daylight savings time also signals new beginnings.

Winter came late this year. Once it arrived, we received plenty of snow and frigid temperatures. After experiencing -35°C, -2°C seemed quite warm. Yet I laughed skeptically when the weather newscasters reported that spring was in the air. Shortly afterwards, winter returned. To me, spring only arrives when the temperature is at least 10°C for a few days. I know for sure it is here as soon as I see the first robin of the season.

Long ago God promised Noah that, as long as the earth existed, there would always be four seasons—seedtime, harvest, summer, and winter. Although we all have our favourite season, most people welcome signs of spring, especially after a particularly harsh winter. It is exciting to see the crocuses and tulips sprout up and bloom. Buds appear on the trees and bushes; grass turns green; many birds fly back to this region; other animals awake from a long winter’s nap; black soil beckons the gardener to start digging and planting. I look out my window and spy a robin.

God is good. He always keeps his promises and always tells the truth. Some people may despair during those cold winter days and act as if winter is going to last forever. It doesn’t. Others suffer from severe sunlight deprivation caused by short days. Relief is imminent. God always keeps his promise to Noah and to us. Spring has arrived in southern Ontario, and summer will soon be here. That is my favourite season!